"I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with such a talented individual as Jonny.

As the Supervisor of the 3D Department, I've had the opportunity to work on projects with Jonny, while also seeing his interactions with others on the 3D Team.

Jonny’s eye for detail, especially in aesthetic and store layout design, was a pleasure to experience and learn from. He always fostered input and the Artists own opinions on the projects, while driving everyone towards a unified creative directive fine tuned to the Customer.

I look forward to working with Jonny again in the future and recommend him to any creative team looking for a unique perspective and an extremely dedicated professional."

Ashley Benbow | 3D Supervisor & Digital Designer | NOA Brands America Inc

"In a retail world that demands high-energy leaders focused on getting details right, Jonny brings the combination of innovation and determination that I always appreciated in providing brand relevant options and solutions to clients.

In his role at NOABRANDS, he was able to balance client objectives with creative capabilities to accomplish outstanding and on-brand results.

His collaborative personality serves him and others very well."

Leslie Perrini | Regional VP, Sales | NOA Brands America Inc

"I had a wonderful experience working with Jonny during his time at NOA Brands. He is a brilliant Creative that drives high-quality, unique merchandising solutions.

His eye for design and ability to steer projects down the right branding path is key to the success of many products launched during our time working together. His forward thinking thought process and attention to detail brought NOA Brands’ products to another level, resulting in more successful product launches than in the past.

Also, he is incredibly mindful of the morale, happiness, and growth of his employees and co-workers. Always striving to make the workplace a motivational and fun environment to be in.

If given the chance I would gladly work with Jonny in the future!"

Laura Consiglio | Project Manager | NOA Brands America Inc

"I had the pleasure of working with Jonny at NOA BRANDS. Jonny is an exceptional designer with a keen eye for detail.

He brings to the table enthusiasm, dedication, and a drive for change.

Jonny is a true delight to work with and a team player, encouraging collaboration across teams. I would highly recommend [Jonny] as he is a great asset to any team."

Kimberly Miller | Senior Account Development Manager | NOA Brands America Inc

"I was lucky enough to work with Jonny during his time at Noa Brands as Senior Creative Director. As a digital designer at the company, I worked directly with Jonny on many products and prototypes, including several tasks focused around Nike related items.

One of the things I admired the most about Jonny was that even though he has considerable industry experience, he always encouraged others to share their ideas and creative input on projects. Fostering this kind of inclusive and inviting environment always made me feel like Jonny was someone I was collaborating with, as opposed to just getting a strict assignment from my boss.

Additionally, I was always impressed with how well Jonny could multitask and coordinate several projects at once - all in various stages of production! Though he was always in high demand between multiple departments, Jonny still managed to make time for me whenever I needed it review a project. Getting this one-on-one feedback was always very beneficial for finding the best solution for our clients' needs.

On top of everything else, Jonny is just fun to be around! Everyday he always managed to make me laugh and I truly looked forward to the projects were we got to work together. I know anyone who works with Jonny in the future will enjoy the experience as much as I have!"

Julie Duffens | 3D Generalist | NOA Brands America Inc

"I had the pleasure of working closely with Jonny during his tenure as Senior Creative Director for Fusion x NOA Brands. Jonny brought an incredible amount of industry knowledge and experience. Using his creativity and knowhow, he pushed the envelope in innovation and new development.

Jonny had a hand in a variety of projects from fashion forward GenZ to the current line of all inclusive bodies within mannequin poses that are so relevant in today's social environment. It is with pleasure that I highly recommend Jonny Rigby."

Chloe Riggs | Product Designer | NOA Brands America Inc

"I had the pleasure of working closely with Jonny on several highly creative projects while at NOA brands.

He was my counterpart during client reviews and meetings and helped create that “wow” factor that is very much need in the fast paced retail and fashion environment.

He pushed his team to think outside of the box and brought a lot of innovative concepts to our company.

Jonny was an amazing teammate and I would be lucky to work with him again soon!"

Kaitlyn Young | Account Executive | NOA Brands America Inc

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